Blame the olympics


It’s pouring with rain, I’m watching the Olympics, and my math/science -hating daughter sent me this

I started out today on synchronized swimmers, which I realize is what I want my math classes to look like – not necessarily the makeup, maybe some additional clothing, but heads down, no breathing needed, all coordinated and working together. In a nice pool, cameras under water, fabulous.

What do I actually get? The marathon swim, in Hyde Park. Birds pooh in this water all year round. The swimmers are sort of headed in the same general direction, but they’re all over the place. Thanks to the loop laps, some are going north while the others are going south. We can only hope they don’t get attacked by swans. I don’t know how we’ll even track if someone gets lapped. Yep, that looks like my math classes. Maybe slightly less bird pooh.


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