First day (plan)


I want to do the marshmallow challenge. I really can’t believe that “most people” don’t start with the marshmallow. I am excited to watch. I hope that kids will respect the play, and not tell their friends as we work through the day. Our first days are always chaos, because our school does not give out schedules before then, so there’s always a gamble on how many kids you get. And, obviously, we don’t know our class list in advance. Sometimes we learn what classes we’re teaching by the schedules the kids bring us.

So I’m hoping for (1) an activity to which everyone can contribute, (2) a good look at which kids are unwilling to participate, (3) setting the tone for a math lab (hands-on, everyone works), and (4) introducing self-assessment. We can do paperwork on day 2.

I plan on using the outcome heights as a data set to walk kids through histograms, pie charts, mean, mode and quartiles by hand, on the TI calculator and on Excel. Then they can do a project.

Tom Wujek is definitely to blame here.


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