Please can I have tables for my students?


I get moved in and out of schools. My course assignments are treated like a state secret. I have to twist arms to determine my room assignment. How hard would it be to give me tables for my students? Why would anybody purchase desk/chair monstrosities that offer a higher footprint in our overcrowded classrooms? With desk/chairs, there’s no place to walk around the room. The “desk” is the same size as an opened textbook, so if a student remembers their book, they can’t use it and do any work. The desk part is on a slant, so students using compass and straight edge in Geometry end up with everything on their lap. There’s no place for both a laptop and a text or book or handwritten notes. Overweight students can’t fit in. Hands-on work with manipulatives, like building with blocks, slides to the floor. Students can’t collaborate: putting desks together results in surfaces sloping away from a giant hole in the center due to the curved corners.

I hate you, deskchairI am told there are no tables available (in the entire district) only stupid desk/chairs for my one classroom.

The school district claims to espouse hands-on, interactive, collaborative, blended learning. But they have put their money into seating for students which is designed for row seating, facing only one way in the classroom, and walling the teacher into one place (probably a desk at the front of the room).

I blame hypocrisy.


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  1. Don’t give up on this one, there are tables in a storage room somewhere that could be yours. It took my district a year to find me them with relentless requests (back in the late 90s no less). Also, can I suggest a fundraising project? Have a bake sale to buy some folding tables and chairs from Costco and let the district know about it. Sometimes we have to prove the level of commitment to our vision to get someone to pay attention.

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