A new toy


My new camera arrived- hooray! The old one died on my summer course – it turns out that they are only good to 104 F. It was hotter than that in Utah at the dinosaur tracks, which left me first with no focus (hence the fuzzy picture on the top of the blog) and then no camera functionality at all. Last year in math classes we used the camera a lot for documenting our classroom work – students much prefer taking a picture to writing everything out!  Not only are they not supposed to have cell phones out, but most of our students don’t have a phone, much less the fancy-pants smarty phone. 

picture from NASA

This picture from a student’s work (transitions).

I find that taking a course in which I know nothing is very helpful for my empathy factor with high school students. My background is in Physics, so thanks to my son for sending me this, how well do my own children know me? Too well. I really like science more than math, which for me is just a vehicle to move science around.

Today I blame temperature. There may be more of that.


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