Avarice and Algebra


Back to school. Sitting with other teachers for a day, being paid with taxpayer dollars to do lesson planning and look up websites. Mandatorily watching the TED talk by Dan Meyers, the new saint of math education (sorry, I know it’s not his fault). So I may as well take the money, but who decides to pay a university group whacking loads of Federal money so that they can pay 36 teachers $100 a day for 2 days to do what they have been doing anyway? Is this like coupons, where only some of us get the money, instead of giving every classroom $100 to buy supplies?

In the interests of full disclosure, the workshop leader, presumably being paid more than we, said that she had responded to an urgent email looking for a workshop leader only a couple of weeks ago. The previous leader had gone elsewhere. The managers presumably could not have connected to TED talks by themselves.

I blame the low pay ( or I wouldn’t need the $200).


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