Homework week1


I see my homework prompt is wending its way down to the “never seen again” portion of my in-basket. The end of summer, closing out the summer learning course, as well as 2 days of DIY PD will do that to a person. So I figured, I’d better answer this now before it disappears in a giant check-and-delete disaster.

Crazedmummy was the name my daughter assigned me when she set up a google account for me. I didn’t want one, there are only so many virtual things I want to have to manage, and I am a bear of very little brain. I don’t like Google storing my entire mental map in its magnetic ink. However she told me I would remember it because I am crazy and because in England the word for “mom” is “mum” – mummy not mommy.Ā  Plus I could come to life covered in bandages at any moment.

So I just use the same name so I remember what it is. I use Roz from Monsters, Inc as my avatar because she always made people complete their paperwork before they left for the day, but she’s secretly on the side of good. One reason to watch the movie again. I usually set watching it as a task for kids if they ask why Roz, as I use Roz on my direction charts at school, too. They have to figure it out. I rarely leave a trail of slime behind me, but I do wear glasses.

The top photo is from this summer, as my camera was dying in the heat. I’ve been involved in a science and math teacher improvement group from Michigan Tech for 4 summers, and this summer we took a course in the Geology of Utah. The fuzzy photo is my foot in the track of a megalosaurus. For real. I cried at dinosaur tracks. And you realize how heavy dinosaurs were, because they made tracks in solid rock šŸ™‚

The last inclusion in this blog, and why I decided to blog, is because I realized that in the science/engineering world, where I had my former life, we tried to figure out what was wrong and fix things.Ā  In the world of teaching and education, it seems that everyone is looking for someone to blame. Moreover, once someone has assigned blame in education, nothing else gets done. It’s like kids in the classroom: “I’m not picking up that piece of trash. Bill dropped it.” And, dammit, if Bill takes the next two weeks off, we’ll leave that piece of trash there until it grows festering sores. So I figure that as long as there’s enough blame spread around, nobody has to improve. And you can be pretty sure I’m not going to be to blame for anything, because then I might have to fix it šŸ™‚

For sure Julie is to blame for this, since she forwarded me the homework email.


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