Hey, we actually sort of like each other!


I went to the Farmer’s market today, and found pictures to ask questions about – watermelons are $4 on the left, $5 on the right. Why? Which is the better deal? Looks like it could use some cropping before it makes it to the web page for students which I put in some time on yesterday, but not today.

I’m interested that math teachers in our building have gone from complaining about having to work together, to complaining that they might be accidentally excluded. We have worked very hard on respecting each other, even though we all secretly know that personally “I am the most bestest” and everyone else sucks. The new-to-math teacher is looking for a way to be moved down next to us in math hell hall. We’ve worked really hard, and one of us has made a lot of cookies. I’m beginning to feel the love.

I blame Elmo from Sesame Street.


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