Pencil sharpeners


I have two electronic pencil sharpeners, so that when one breaks, I don’t have to wait around to replace it. Kids like the electronic sharpener, and I’m happy to give them some incentive to actually sharpen the pencil that was provided for them. Our state requires that the district provide materials required for students to be successful, including pencils and paper. I try and kick the administration on this – for the $7000 or so we get per kid, we should be able to provide a ten cent pencil to anyone who is unwilling or unable to bring their own. It’s cheaper to provide $18 of pencils than a year of remediation. I don’t see why the parents of students who do supply their students with necessary items should have to also supply the other students (the effect of “borrow from a friend”), and my take-home pay has dwindled annually, so I am not willing to do what legally should be done by the school district.

I get the sharpeners with a replacement contract – this is the only device I have ever bought the contract on, and I have used it every year on both sharpeners. I don’t know why, as a manufacturing society, we can’t make a pencil sharpener to endure for more than 6 months of teenagers, but there you go.  For $10 a year I can provide pencil sharpening opportunities for students in my room (and the ones across the hall). About 6 cents a day.

I replaced both the sharpeners today – so now I’m ready to start school. Oh, I have to carry one into school first!

I blame pencil sharpener manufacturers.


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