New kids


I met some of the new ninth graders today. I wonder why they are so well-behaved. No swears, all clothes on, people joining in when asked. This is an optional learning experience, a get-to-know-you for students to meet other students, and have some hands-on learning and field trip opportunities. Half the students who signed up actually came. 20% of our incoming class.

So are the type of students who would show up for an extra week of hands-on learning experiences self-selecting to behave like good learners? Is the presence of 8 adults for 20 students important? Is the continuous talking by the assistant principal riveting? Is this why the assistant principal thinks he is such a  great (uncertified,no experience) teacher?

And, is 20% of the new 9th graders sufficient to change the climate of a school?

Here’s the down side. Almost every student said math was their worst subject. They hate math. But we are a science theme school. Oh, they love science, they tell me. I said, but science and math are the same thing. It’s like saying you love English but you hate to speak, read or write. How is it that kids, who have self-selected into the “learning” group, are so anti-math?

I blame the separation of subjects in school.


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