new kids self-improve


We took the new high schoolers to volunteer at a local charity that helps elementary students with back-to-school material goods. This energized the students much more than the introspection of day 1. They got to help other people, and also see other people both helping and being helped. Reminder: don’t just talk about it – show students how to do it. The 9th graders all joined in, and errors were mostly ignored. After 10 hours together, we now have groups of students working together with deep effort. Note that there are no “grades” for this week, it’s experiential. That’s two school weeks to get students together to work as a team. At least it’s a benchmark for a reasonable expectation of joining in-ness.

My beanbag chairs came today. I ordered them because of the echoiness of the room. I’m not sure that they do much to cut down the noise, but it’s better than nothing.

I blame human desire to be nice for today.


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