Biking uphill.


I developed this during the summer course for Michigan Tech. I plan on trying it with algebra 1 students this semester.

The translation is from  The kids seem to tolerate it.

I hope it’s a relevant question, with no “correct” answer. Plus, the students can check it by getting on their bikes and trying it.

Really this was learning to embed from Scribd.

Blaming the new blogger team for this one.


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  1. You can blame everyone else except me because I got to feature you on my blog this week!

    This is quite an AMBITIOUS lesson! I really like the idea of finding slope using topographic maps, and I’m assuming this is more of an enrichment activity? There is quite a bit of text for kids to follow, and I’m curious how they’ll do with that. I haven’t tried Scribd yet, afraid to learn one more new thing 😦 You’re using CCSS language already in your lessons. High five!

  2. I’m going for project-based kindasort. So a “lesson” might last a week…Because we’re introducing projects, I’m putting in more written cues. Projects can be one question, but my kids will just shut down. They like a “check list” for now.

  3. anything involving biking is good 🙂
    Hopefully they make that connection between slope and hills! Knowing how to read topographic maps is also a neat extra.

  4. I did a similar problem with my kids as their “first day of school get right into math from minute one” problem. The driveway to our school is a giant hill so I asked my Geometry and Algebra 2 kids to find the slope and I asked my Honors PreCalculus kids to find the angle of eleveation. Since I only expected the problem to be a warm up and to get their brains back into “math mode” I gave them the measurements, but I really like your idea. 🙂

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