On the ropes


I still think it’s valuable for teachers to do new things, so they remember what it’s like to be the kid in the classroom.

Crazedmummy hates heights. I can’t show you the kids who were the inspiration for those of us who were nervous teachers – kids who we were talking across step by step, as well as those who ran, gazelle-like, across 2 inch wide planks and swinging ropes, as if they spent their lives in the treetops. But the kids learned that we are willing to have a go too, and that we don’t know everything. And it’s okay if they can do things better than us.

I think that the biggest change for me in the 10 years I have been teaching high school is the willingness to be wrong, or to not know. A newer step is to make some of the students into the experts. If I can teach them to read and distill information, they can look up information just as I can. To be fair, I am in a less thuggy school now, so the possibility of death as a punishment for a lack of tight control is more remote.

We all made it through the ropes course. The girls who absolutely did not want to go got to take photos, so we found a niche for everyone.

I blame gravity. I’d totally do the ropes without sweating if I didn’t have gravity to contend with.


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  1. I think you’re right on. We totally need to do things that we’re not comfortable with, both in our lives and in mathematics as well. It helps us grow(not taller or wider).

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