How much is too much?


Yesterday was the last day of our intro week for the students who showed up. I noticed that, even though they are the “good students,” the volunteers, those interested in learning, they hit a wall at about 3 hours. 3 hours is about half a school day. So they can only do “new stuff” about half the school day.

This sounds about reasonable to me. My first job was with a scientific tool manufacturing company, where the owned ran a 4 day week, 10 hours a day. He folded the experiment after a year, because he said he got exactly same production from 8 hours than from 6 hours. He did in fact look at data and concluded that he got 6 hours of work from people in either an 8 or or a 10 hour day. While he understood that the nature of the work meant that people could not be productive every minute, he was not able to afford the loss of the extra 8 hours a week.

So, I need to make sure that I build in 50% down time for my students. One new thing, one old thing? If only I could reliably know that the old things were easy “down time” and were not just as challenging to my students. How to do “down time” without being boring/irrelevant/repetitive…? Back to the wall of redemption? (It is on its way, in process right now.)

I blame unreasonable expectations.


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