elementary, my dear


I have one more week before school starts. Making sure that everyone in the State of Michigan understood the priorities, several years ago the legislature decided that it would be illegal for regular public schools to begin before Labor Day, so that anyone left with a job could still go and spend some vacation money before they went back to school.

Next week  is therefore teacher-back-to-PD week. Sigh.

I have an idea for students to work on “review as project.” As a mom who has reached her expiration date, I have a lot of kids’ books left. I bought more from better world books. I’m going to require 5 book reviews of these mathy books ( e.g. 12 snails to one lizard, the grapes of math…) from each student. The reviews will be directed at parents and teachers of elementary age students, so they can decide whether the books are worth the investment.

Students who are struggling with the concepts in the elementary books might then be directed to the wall of remediation that’s going up.

My plan is to culminate the project with students creating their own books.

I  blame the adult offspring for this – they left me the valuable books.


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