450 pieces of spaghetti on the wall…


Getting prepped for marshmallow challenge on day 1 (next Tuesday). They tell me we might have 40 kids in each class period – please, no. However, I had to make up enough bags. I see they each need 20 pieces of spaghetti, but  my local grocery store does not sell spaghetti strands by the piece. Nowhere could I find how many pounds of spaghetti I needed.

There are about 450 pieces of spaghetti in a Muellers one pound spaghetti box (it was on sale). Says the owner of 3 lbs of extra spaghetti. Okay, it’s not extra if we can use it for something else before the mice eat it.

(now if only I can find 18 minutes of music already prepared for the event… what is this with me having to do my own work, blogosphere?)

I blame the FDA for not requiring spaghetti portions by the piece.


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