Room ready


First of all, appreciate the room. Isn’t it fabulous? I’m told it was once the Board of Ed meeting room. This is the oldest high school in the state. AFAIK, the fireplace doesn’t work.

The worst feature is the tin ceiling, which makes the room very echoey. I bought some cheap beanbags from Walmart, which I hope will be sound absorbers. I also have the sheep.

Look at this crime! Deskchairs, I

still hate you.

Notice the wall of remediation, and the TABLES. I got all kinds of grief after beg/borrow/stealing them, but I don’t care. I have them. Also notice that I have tables over the whole room, not just the half that is opposite from the whiteboard.

Here’s the fireplace end. You can see the beanbag chairs and the sheep. I had dropped off a couple of logic/math games earlier, which are on the top of the cupboards in both pictures. The room is set up for marshmallow challenge on day 1. My desk is on the left, and I have ousted the old slow desktop: I will use a faster laptop. I have speakers connected, now, too.

Look at this piece of fabulous – the stage! They had filled it with the hated deskchairs because they had to get 40 into the room. There are 40 seats at tables “my way.” The two tables set apart for marshmallow challenge can be put together later, depending on the number of divas I have. I moved the long table from the front of the steps up to the stage right.

Notice there’s a screen. There’s a ceiling-mounted projector, but someone took away all the hardware. I’m trying to get it back into working state. However, we did notice 2 years ago, when they installed it, that a  screen right in front of the mirror is not the best optical planning.

I have had 2 years of rooms with zero storage. I am positively wagging my tail.

I blame the builders from 100 years ago. Weren’t they great?


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  1. Holy cow! How big is that room? And how many students will you be teaching? It looks enormous.

    I hear you about not having storage. I’ve taught at six different schools, and I can honestly say that having good storage makes such a difference.

    • The base room is a regular size for us, about 20ft x 20ft. But the stage adds another 7 feet and the cupboards. It’s like having an extra half a room. Bu it is very spacious when you group tables, which is why I love them. We have space to walk around, build things, and clean up our mess!
      The custodians tell us they were told to set up for 40 kids per class. Our contract says max.29. Around about the second week, we’ll figure out how many actually show up. There are 3 new charter high schools opening in the area (computer based of course).

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