Last year we had the organized binder guy come in, at enormous expense. I was down in the naughty room last year, trying to help kids learn math from E2020… so I did not use it.

We’re having a go this year. But we can’t afford binders. We’re trying it with duo-tang paper folders. So we’re trying to think of everything in advance, the kids can put everything in the binder on day one (well, day 2 for me), and minimize the number of bendings of the tangs.

The objective is to have each student have a binder in each classroom, so they never leave their work at home/in the locker/on the bus. In practice, the math teachers who tried it last year decided that they could not return graded work, as it was nicely filed for other students to steal or copy, and they also found that kids kept taking the binders home and losing them…?

We’re trying again. How do you do standards-based grading if the only feedback students get is a grade? I’m trying to make a rubric for everything, so students can get a rubric back, and store it in their binder. I also plan to revisit the checklist every week, so that students can check their own progress.

Oh yeah, we can’t afford binders because we paid the organized binder guy a small fortune to come and tell us this for a day.

I blame the organized binder guy for sure.


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