Plan plans, don’t plan results


Blast! nowthat I have a student teacher, I have to write everything up like a crazy person. So I have written up what I plan to do with the marshmallow challenge data. I want to collect height data and also the number of spaghetti strands used, and use this as the skills teaching tool.

I do not believe that any of my students have been shown how to use Excel – before I was sent to the dungeon last year, I showed the kids who are now 10th grade, but I don’t have them. Sigh. So we can be dragging the little weasels through this, and then they can do their own intro. project using our class data. Perhaps I should have more faith that students on a project will read the links that I give them for reference, or find their own, but my experience tells me that this is so above their range of challenge that they just stop dead in their tracks. I promise not to spend every day on skills, how about that? Max 2 a week. And I will show then how to take skills notes. and screenshots. I already had my friend teacher laugh because my lesson plan on Friday includes the stuff that I fail to get to on Wednesday. At least experience tells me I won’t get to it…

I really, really want to start with the “how to ask questions” daily warmup. For sure I want that projector on, so that I can project from 101 questions, and any others I can steal.

I blame poor evolution for this. If I had a USB port in my head, I would not have to write it all up.


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