Labour/Labor day


Labor day. Made in the USA, to try and separate the unions here from the unions in every other country who celebrate on May1. Just in case the unions might be associated with, say, socialism. Worked well, huh? Well, the separation part…

And, of course, “If we do not hang together we shall surely hang separately,” (probably Thomas Paine). I sloughed off the sitting at a booth but I did buy water, lemonade and popcorn for the retired teacher ladies who were down at the rally, so I contributed.

I would not have a job if it were not for the union. In our schools we have 50% of students graduating, half the graduates go to college, and 1/3 of those actually graduate. And yet, when I did not have tenure, I was told that if I did not pass all the students, the administration would not keep me. Luckily, they were so disorganized that they labeled me “satisfactory” for 3 years. In the 4th year, I sacrificed all the little souls and passed them all. When they tried to fire me, for not having sufficient passes, I said, “What? You want more than 100%?”  Then they tried to retroactively change “satisfactory,” but the union argued for me, no takesies backsies.

Now we might be making inroads on the district just moving kids on. We have students who arrive at high school with a mean skill level around the 4th grade level, standard deviation of about 1.5 years. Yet they are shoved into algebra 1, and then moved along whether they pass or not. We have kids sitting in Algebra II who never passed Algebra 1. Eventually they drop out. So this year, with my semi-math courses, I plan on helping students learn how arithmetic works, as well as how algebra works.

I have to blame the district administration for being incredibly dim.


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