Day one review


Wow, day 1, 29 groups of marshmallow challenge. The student teacher and I were pretty amazed at both the number of kids who persisted (yay!) and the huge disparity between trying in 9th grade and quitting in 11th grade. Of course, the 9th graders are all new, the 11th graders are the “failures at school,” and may have been here 5 years already.

Our models were pretty good. Considering that it was about 100 F in the room by the end of the day. I had half-sheets of paper for comments (“do you want to work with these people again?”) and they were soggy by the time I picked them up, due to the humidity. I was surprised the marshmallows held up.

Oh, by the way: playlist for 18 minutes.

Only two students could begin to answer how we compare groups of numbers to other groups of numbers. I got to watch the students try to manipulate the student teacher into giving them “the answers.”  Dang, they’re good.

Tomorrow I am going to show students how to put equations into Word, and how to make histograms in Excel. It is possible they might then be able to figure out how to get this done! The IT department has taken our laptops away to redo, as they (the laptops) have gone on strike for better working conditions. Tomorrow we’ll use the computer lab.

I blame the weather, again. It won’t be the last time.


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