It takes FOR EVER


Waiting… waiting… any more answers? Well, this might just work. I used the height data from the marshmallow challenge as a basis for calculating mean, median and then the “5 number summary.”  There were 30 numbers, so just enough to have different answers from all the groups for the mean, and the number of numbers. But when we all used the calculator, we got the same answers. Hooray! Then, since it was Friday, I reintroduced the book review project and the wall of wisdom. The Algebra 1 lab and the Algebra 2 lab are doing exactly the same thing. The Algebra 1 lab are better at trying, and hence, at doing. The morning group is better than the afternoon group. Some kids even remembered box-and-whisker plots from 8th grade.

On Monday I will have another go at the computer lab, teaching histograms and/or pie charts in Excel. I could not do two days of computer skills. The inability of kids to follow along, and their lack of skills (clicking with a mouse) means that this section of the class just drags. (Apparently they frown on strangling kids with the mouse cord.) I guess the frustration is why nobody has done the computer user work with the kids up to now, and nobody in their right mind would do it now, which is why it falls to me.

It takes FOR EVER for the kids to do things themselves. If only I could go back to the world where I could lecture and pretend that the kids learned something. I’m blessed to have this faker “lab” class with no curriculum or requirements, so no pacing “guide.” I can wait as long as I have to. Next week, the pre-project project will be completed, then the actual project.

I blame the onset of reality.



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