Posting on a post to a post…


ooh, self-referential aggrandizement – just what I needed on the first Saturday of the school year!

I posted to about a super LaTex help that someone else posted (and I can’t even remember who) – and dear Kaleb even gave me credit for stealing this information and sending it on.

I love this. Not only do I get help from the youthful intellectuals (like Mike Pershan, and now Kaleb Allinson) who are teaching the dental tartar math, I get to pass it on. I feel as if I have edged in to a party that my kids are holding and they have not frozen in silence (you know what you did when someone’s mom came in – don’t give me that look).

So thank you so much.

Oh, his actual post? Something about LaTex sandwiches. Definitely the sort of thing that my kids, when they were teenagers, would say, “Not in front of my mom!” But I didn’t read it very carefully, I could be wrong 🙂

I have been awake since 3:30 am,when I woke up with my head spinning with ideas, so I got up and started writing up lesson plans. Ready for a nap now.

I blame a lack of sleep for this one.



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