Cruel and unusual


I do become impatient when we are in the computer lab. I have resigned myself to giving 5 minutes to check email/facebook. I noticed that what adults do when they get on a computer is immediately check their email. It does not matter what else is going on And 5 minutes at the end. Facebook=email. (My new motto – 30 minutes work in every hour!)

But why would someone plug their ears up with noise when I am walking them through a “how to” on Excel, then be repeatedly behind and unable to do what is required, because said person cannot hear? Walking 12 out of 26 students individually  through every single step of selecting a set of cells is just annoying. ( I guess I should be grateful that 14 can manage.) Right click? Never heard of it. What? you want what? Take the stupid earplugs out of your ears. Somehow this is all my fault. One large-footed teen managed to kick loose some wires and take his entire computer row off the internet. Of course, that was my fault too.

The Algebra II class is starting the independent work on the project. Bear in mind we have already been through each thing as a group. PANIC! Oh if only we had paid attention to what we were doing, not just walked through the motions.

I can scarcely wait for tomorrow, when the Algebra 1 kids get turned loose. They are doing exactly the same work – 7th grade statistics.

I blame the insufficient ears. The new generation need at least 4 per person.


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  1. I think computers are so great, but sometimes it’s hard to get everyone going in the same direction. I had netbooks for students and the settings were constantly being changed which made it hard for everyone to be on the same page. A few times I assigned “student computer experts” which meant that they couldn’t ask me a question until they checked in with the expert. This helped the impossible 26:1 ratio. Lisa

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