Wild Wednesday


The struggling groups asked for one day a week of  “study hall.” Been there, don’t want a hangout room. I said we would try it once, but if even one kid came without work, we would not do it again. Then the students said that teachers had not started giving them work.

So I gave all the other teachers a meltdown by requiring a list for each student, signed by each teacher, to say what each student had to do.  One of the teachers said all that signing was too much work for her. So I said then don’t sign it, I can’t help the kids if neither one of us knows what has to be done.

The first group of the day were great. Social studies, math, biology, physics, english – all getting done. The last hour of the day, not so hot. So third hour can have a study hall, I have to decide how much wrestling I am willing to do with the last class,which is about half 18 year olds with 6 credits.  Is it mean to just give up – sure guys, one day a week, just do facebook for an hour. I don’t know…

I blame facebook.  Have I done that before?  Pretty sure it will happen again.


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