Student teacher suffering


We’re sort of loose in this non-math class math class. Project based, no lectures, no curriculum, helping students over and over and over again (anyone else remember learning Excel? Or Lotus 1-2-3?). Stupid hidden secrets.

Anyway, the poor little student teacher has to be observed presenting a lessons tomorrow. She has tried to explain that their 30-year format, which has worked perfectly well up to now (don’t argue with us), doesn’t really fit, but she has been told that she has to make it fit. Sigh. So we have decided that she will present grid-style logic puzzles. We’ve got puzzles in as one of our requirements for the class. I told her I will do whatever we need to do to make it work for her, just comply until they give her the certification.

Much more beneficial to me (the most important person, let’s face it), I am going to have her teach the students to use google docs. She says she’s going to do this on Friday, after which she will deserve a weekend off. We have managed to have all kids able to log on to school computers, open Excel and Word in 2003 and 2007, and create graphs. Almost everyone can attach a file to email, even though my children tell me this is as outdated as faxes.

I am pleased that the kids get to see us ask each other how to do things (“Assistant, how do I see this document in gmail? It won’t open.” “Crazedmummy, how do we find the data analysis choices again?”), and it’s okay. The kids we have in the morning who see this are much more collaborative than the afternoon group, who don’t.

I blame the college of ed, who have no idea how to change.



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