Using puzzles


In the UK, they have math puzzles in the newspaper. Daily puzzles, like crosswords and sudoku. Well, I’ve found a couple of places to get them. One from someone in England, and one in the US. I’m requiring my students to complete at least 3 sets of 3 types of puzzles.

It’s interesting to me that those puzzles are not carried in the US. It goes along with no numbers on the money here.  Like adding the tax after you purchase things – when you go shopping, you can’t add up exactly how much you have spent. the tax varies from state to state. Even more interesting, it is quite legal for stores to post prices that include tax, they just choose not to. The antipathy to math here is amazing. Of course it’s maybe just as bad in the UK now.

Anyway, I have finally found some puzzles that my students are willing to try.  Number pyramids are easy to do, and it’s too bad that the older kids won’t do them without the calculator – the 9th graders were willing to do them by hand or in their heads. Hurrah! I’ll see what the puzzles look like from the US guy.

I blame the newspapers. It’s fair. they blame us.


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