Getting to done


It’s been a long haul for this marking period. 5 weeks for some people for the first project, that I thought would take about 2 weeks. But more motion in the second project, which builds on the first – some people were done after 2 weeks. And zippy skippy through the third project for those who have reached it already. We’re having to prep for an additional project for the masters of math: actually we are just starting them out on the next marking period work. My life would be much easier if things weren’t divided up so badly by administration.

I can’t imagine how the SBG people run their gradebook in a system like this. Just explaining that I’m making kids do it until they get it right is a non-stop job: explaining to the kids that it won’t go away, it has to get done and understood before you move on. But this year nobody’s telling em I can’t do that. Someone finally understands the goal!

I blame the grading scheme. It totally screws up learning.



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