we have the technology


I have a ceiling mounted projector in my awesome room. It’s about 12 feet up. The tech team took away all the tech stuff  a year and a half  ago. When I asked to have it back, they made all kinds of noise about how they couldn’t.

Last week I gave up and got a 100 foot m1-m1 cable, which goes from the projector to the computer. I installed it with blue masking tape, as I didn’t want to be installing wires in the cable conduit (pretty sure that would be a union violation). I am getting a pointy extension stick from the custodian until I get a remote.

Oh yeah, I really hate heights. I got the lovely custodian to lend me the 12 foot ladder. I went up there and stuck the wire up all by myself.

I sent an email to the principal, so he knew what I had done. (I didn’t want someone to go to him and say “do you know what she did?” and have him be surprised.)

In about 6 hours, I had the tech guys in there, telling me they were going to install my original controls for the actual wiring. And they’ll give me a remote. So I whined for 6 weeks, but spending the $100 for a wire was what did the trick.

If this works out, I’ll have a 100 ft m1-m1 wire that I’m willing to sell for only$50. What, did they think I wasn’t serious? I’m all the way up to the 1960s,folks (moving color pictures in my own room!!). I can show video snippets!!

I blame the bosses (really? they really thought I would not fix it myself? Really?)


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  1. Just found your blog … part of the MS Sunday Funday assignment to read five blogs this week … preferably new ones … so glad I did. I love the brevity, insight, and the quip at the end!

  2. Thanks for coming by. I’m just trying to save everyone the effort of assigning blame, so I’m hoping we can just carry on with fixing things instead. I’ve got more tape.

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