moving forward


We had a little confrontation with some of our older students, who refused to do the project work. They wanted to get credit for one person working, while they played on Facebook. The student teacher spent the entire hour helping them,and in one hour they are half done.

I told her I thought the project was a week-long project, but the students have spent 6 weeks on it. And the students who were “helped’ did not learn the most important thing – how to get themselves to work.

At some point, surely, students decide to get themselves organized to work. I see it in every class, but not in every kid. Some kids are more stubborn than others. I really don’t know what could be so interesting about playing on facebook for an hour every day (I mean, they’re 14. Really, they have such exciting lives?), instead of learning, but maybe the kids are just too tired out from their difficult classes to join in anything for this class. I can’t remember the last time a non-core class had half the kids fail at mid-semester, but mine will.

Not giving in is hard. I blame all the learning the kids have had so far, in how to get someone else to do the work for them.


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