aiming for computer skills


I asked to use Logo and Scratch on our school computers. As part of my request, I have to justify the effects of use with academic research. All the research is on elementary grades.

I hope it gives pause to those who complain that our students “aren’t achieving.”  Gosh, they’re high school students and we are arguing about whether they should have access to computer tools that are useful for elementary students. How ridiculous is that?

I am excited that this year we are being allowed to run science olympiad again. For the last 3 years we had a program in place that bussed the kids around the district for the last hour of the day, so we could not run after-school activities. I have 2 kids, no old team members, and the two new ones have no idea what science olympiad is.

I blame the administration – really, they are completely out of touch with the world.



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