proportions and ratios


So, I was thinking about patterns, and looking for patterns, and how we always talk about patterns in math. I thought proportionality and scalability was at the basis of math – that making things bigger and smaller but retaining their relative scales, is the basis of all our modeling and exampling, and equationing. If you don’t understand proportionality, then everything else is a waste of time. (maps, drawings, plans – all useless.)

So I have been stunned that students from 9th to 11th grade have no stinking idea about proportionality. I also have found out they have no stinking idea about estimation. So there goeth the plans to move on to linear equations. I am stealing proportional ideas all over the place (if the world were a village of 100, the perfect man, 180 days of estimates…)

End of marking period, reboot.


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