Fresh marking period, fresh warmups


After 8 weeks of questions, and looking at other people’s questions (“Didn’t you tell us to ask questions we could figure out the answers to?”) we have moved on. Some students learned to ask questions. Most students said it was “too hard.” Wow, how can asking any one question be beyond someone’s skill level? We have really destroyed souls.

I have moved on to math mistakes. We started with elementary level. It was nice that several students have become comfortable enough to say – um, isn’t that upside down?

Although today I had students argue that there is no mistake. I told them to write down for me why there is no mistake, and I had groups of children vociferously discussing what makes a pattern. Yay!!

We’ll see how fractions go down tomorrow.

Definitely I blame the soul-sucking grind of school. Especially for the low functioning kids, who get less fun and more soul-sucking grind than anyone else.


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