Taking stock


American Thanksgiving. We had 3 days off.  The run from September to now is too long in school – student stopped paying attention by the end of October, but we move on relentlessly (and complain about their behaviour, even as teachers begin to take time off every week because they feel low).

So it’s still time to stop and think about where we are. It’s good that nobody in the family is in hospital, as they were  2 years ago. It’s good that my son has a great new job. It’s good that my daughter has a doggy for herself. It’s good that the house is still standing, and that I still get paid for doing something that is a positive contribution to society.

It’s good that I’ve taught about 60 out of 70 math students how to make charts on Excel, and how to write equations in Word. It’s good that I’ve taught about 50 out of 70 math students how to solve proportions and what it means. It’s good that I’ve taught about 30 out of 50 other students how to read an ACT test, and what it means to replace parts in a sentence. It’s even good that students have learned that in my class they will fail if they do no work, and to fail is their choice.

Oh, and so many thanks to Mike Pershan at math  mistakes. He’s given my students something that everyone can look at and find out “what’s wrong.” And once we assess that they don’t understand 3rd grade work, we can tackle it as a group. We can make many more examples of ratios and proportions.

I could choose to concentrate on the negatives associated with each positive, but I’m trying not to. I move forward, and try to ignore what I can’t fix.  Most of my students are willing to try.

I blame the turkey – he’s got it coming, after all.



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