ACT day


On Saturday, we had several students take the ACT early. Since the thinking is that students do better the second time around,  I persuaded some of them to take it early, so that in March, when the school is assessed on their performance, it’s their second go, not their first.

Although it’s a self-selecting group, there’s a sufficient number of kids at different academic levels that we should be able to to track whether this improves their performance in the “test that counts.”

snacksI gave snacks, supplied calculators and pencils, and even raced home to print a ticket for a student who forgot his ( one advantage of living near school, which is near the test center.) Why did you have to meet at 7:15am? Now you know – someone will always need extra rescue.

One of the things I learned is that State testing has lulled our students into complacency. Because we give the ACT as part of the school tests, students are not learning to provide their own materials. They did see students who were sent away because they did not have an ID ( hooray, at least mine all brought IDs), and turned way for being late. We don’t do that in school. We provide everything. Getting there, with all your stuff, is easier for a kid whose mom brings him, comes back in to bring the calculator he forgot, and who is there at the end to pick him up. Our kids ride the bus, and had to leave home at 6am to get there. Nobody was there to collect them at the end.

I admire foster parents. They do this all day every day. I guess I can kick in for 20 kids one morning a year.

I blame ACT, who added in one more thing ( upload a photo) this year. And who then did not provide on-line tickets for the test administrators to check. What’s the point, people?


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