Be nice


I so rarely take sick days. I had 2 in one week this week. And I even got the free ‘flu shot when offered! I deserve to not be sick!

Meanwhile this month I have noticed that I have been writing less and less, and other people have been writing more and more. As Science Olympiad ramped up, and more of my students kicked in to “work” mode, I got more and more introspective, less focused on articulating my thoughts. Other people’s mileage apparently varies. I stopped asking for help, and input, concentrating on survival.

Today I sent a note to the principal, because a number of teachers had complained about an email he sent out. Turns out he doesn’t receive criticism any better than anyone else. I thought it better to bring it up with him than have it fester, but he was just miffed. All these incidents really teach me the following:

1) W hen kids are out, even if they aren’t sick, it’s probably not their fault. Don’t make them even more miserable.

2) When kids complain about something in your class, look for the meat in the feedback, don’t be so defensive. I have been known to be wrong.

3) When kids ask for help, don’t tell them they should know that already. They know you think they should know it already. Just help them with what they need. They probably haven’t done it as often as you.

4) Let’s all be nicer to each other. Assume people mean the best, not the worst.

I’m blaming the viruses, because even though biology says they’re not animals or vegetables, they aren’t minerals, and they just want to survive too.


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