The weirdness of it all


In response to the Sam Shah challenge, I started this blog. For me. Write as if nobody else will read it, he advised. So i did. Somehow, in the last 4 months, 1000 or so people have clicked to here somewhere. How odd.

2012-12-28 17.34.02I spent the last 2 weeks in California, where my son is now. We went to Monterey, and I learned about jellyfish. How the medusa ( the jellyfish bit) is merely the wanderer for the polyp phase that just sits in insignificance, and spins off medusas when it thinks there’s a threat. So there is my son, the jellyfish, spun off to wander, while I sit here, the polyp. I wonder if the real polyp thinks, “Ooh, great job by me, sending them all off. Look how beautifully they swim.”  Notice on the picture (as in real life) you can’t see the technology, invented at Monterey, to keep these delicate creatures in captivity.

Tomorrow, back to school, where someone elses’ jellyfishes will be held captive in my classroom. The biggest thing I learned? Jellyfish are always “head-in” to the current, long strings trailing behind. They live a long time in the right conditions. I wish we had some hidden technology to keep the delicate creatures effectively – too often I feel we are shriveling them up into sad empty floaters.

I wish I could make their lives better, and send them spinning in beauty into a gymnastic dance against the current.

Oops, and I blame the polyp phase of course (don’t we parents always get the blame?)



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