Academic honesty and who’s “passing”


Principal: So, how come they’re all not passing your class?

Me: Well, m’lud, many students are taking E2020 catchup classes, and they have (rightly) determined that they need to pass those classes to graduate, they don’t need mine.  And they have (rightly) determined that it’s not possible to complete the E2020 in the allotted time. So, sensibly, they’re using the computer in my class to complete their E2020.

P: We can’t have this, then you look like  a bad teacher. They’re doing really well in all their other classes.

M: They should be. They’re doing the other work in my class, to pass the required classes.

P: Tell them they can’t do that in your class.

M: Oh, and have them not graduate? You really want that? Who am I here for, me or the kids?

This is what we have come to. It makes me so cross.  The adults set up the stupid system, the kids know how to work it. What’s the problem? I was struck by something after Sandy Hook – if you’d take a bullet for your kids, why not stand up for them against this onslaught of evil? (sorry, don’t know who said it, and I’m sure I’m paraphrasing). So I have decided I will.

Not to mention that I am using continuous projects. In our district, they put together the marking period grades by GPA. So a C plus an E makes a D. 73% +0% =D passing. 58%+58%=E+E=116%= E fail. This is a nonsense for me. I told my principal that if the kids got over 70 out of the 200% available, they would be passing. I know how to click that little button underneath the final grade and change it.

Meanwhile, ooh, we really want to increase the academic outcome for our students. And 18 teenagers have been shot in the last month in our small city. They aren’t rich, white or cute, and they aren’t all in one building when it happens.

Under the hierarchy of need, I think the kids have it right.

I can only blame the adults, who don’t have  a clue.


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