The week before exams


I hate the grade grubbing. I want students to learn because they want to learn. I don’t really feel sorry for anyone who sat for 18 weeks and did nothing (really nothing) and thinks they can do what everyone else has done, in the last 3 days.

Not going to happen.

But I wonder what use this educational system is, really, where teenagers pretend that they can do 100 hours a work in three ( do they think they’re that good?) and teachers are “urged” to pass students who “try” for those last 3 hours. Is it any wonder that kids grow up disillusioned with the schooling system

And yet, none of them are interested in the concept of apprenticeships. To a person, they are determined that everyone should go to college. If we can brainwash them that well about college, how come we’re doing such a bad job brainwashing them in math?

I blame the conspiracy.


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