What boys need in school


One of my classes has 15 year old boys. Why should they learn Algebra? When are they ever going to need it? How dumb is this? Etc. And in my class, I have been mainly teaching how to use Excel for math, because I think it’s actually useful.

carton-squirrel-thicker-lines-thOn Wednesday, when I heard the moaning again, I had an answer. I have squirrels in my attic. Again. I finally called in the squirrel relocation service. So I told my boys, the squirrel relocators come for an initial visit for $119, and then charge $65 per squirrel. So I wanted to know how much I would have to pay if there were 10 squirrels. The boys thought this was great, and asked if they could use this for their warmup. Sure can.

After the initial visit, I found that they would also fix the squirrel damage for another $200, and that they expected no more than 6 squirrels. So the next day, I went back in and changed the question. The boys thought this was great. They were asking how much you could make every year by doing squirrel relocation, obviously you don’t have to go to college ( a plus, by the way), and there was no shortage of squirrels. Especially if you relocate them near someone else’s house.

So, I learned that boys like (a) squirrels, (b) ways to make money, (c)not going to college, and (d)honesty. Sadly, girls had no interest in the squirrel problem.

I think I’ll tell them more financial troubles and see if they like them. I’m told we’ll have snow, so perhaps we can address how to make money by shoveling sidewalks.

I definitely blame the squirrels.

(cartoon from clker.com)


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