Feeling the Love


Mike Pershan is a king. I asked him to fix my erroneous post. He did. Then he asked me how I was using his good work on http://mathmistakes.org/  – I am totally stealing it and he’s acting as if I am contributing to him!

I use his mistakes as a daily warmup for my students. They see the mistake projected, and need to tell me what was done wrong, as well as how to make it right. Some of my students took the initiative to search for where the mistakes came from, so I gave them his site info. I thought it couldn’t hurt for them to see how puzzled all the adults are at what they’re doing. Plus, my high schoolers operate at about the 5th grade level, so it’s nice for them to be able to correct those little kids’ mistakes on the site.

Not only does Mike teach high school, apparently without any texts or curriculum, he also runs this magnificent site, where he usually puts up at least one new post a day,and he kindly showed me how to use LaTex in wordpress,  (and has put up with my constant errors).

He looks like he’s about as old as my son, and I’m totally grateful that he treats an old lady so well.


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