New semester, some attitude shift


Someone has to tell 8th graders what happens in high school. So they will listen and believe.

Somehow, teachers need to see the kids in all the classes. My little group of strikers, 10/15 not working, have passed 12 courses between them. Total. wow. They don’t know what they are doing to themselves. Other than “we aren’t going to do what we’re told.” Yeah, I get that. They had decided that they would be able to change their schedules in the second semester. Sadly, it didn’t happen. They are back with the nasty crazedmummy, who is trying to teach them to model mathematically, ans write their explanations, because she has seen the common core and she thinks it’s probably a good idea.

So I’ve had an attitude shift from a couple of students.  Yeah, you can try, you don’t have to be perfect, having a go is better that playing on facebook. Meanwhile out of 8 days of school so far, I’ve been in the classroom for 5 of them. You’d think I’d get better with all that training,wouldn’t you?

I blame the middle schools – only because everyone else does!



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