Climbing robots -Super Science Saturday


There are aclimbing robot lot of weekends in the year. Having Science Olympiad and FIRST Robotics on the same day left me feeling as if I had one day of strawberry festival, and I gorged myself. Totally sated.

I actually prefer the intellectual nature of Science Olympiad, but I am satisfied with a comment from another adult running between both venues – Science Olympiad is better to participate in, FIRST robotics is better to watch. I like that I can take one kid to Science Olympiad: for a couple of hundred bucks, she can participate. FIRST costs a small fortune. But the pole-climbing robot is way cool. And I can be grateful that someone else runs a FIRST robotics team where our kids can participate. I could not do his job.

I blame the adults for wanting to train kids for jobs – let’s just learn it first, people!


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