Thank you, special ed.


blue_boyI’ve worked a lot with one special ed. teacher.  She’s been great – learning along with the kids. She’s been great at saying “no, we won’t ” do more. Oh, we have 10 minutes left, let me just squeeze in one more thing – no, we won’t. She taught me to slow down, and remember the learner. She reminded me to get back into learning myself, to take classes, to remember what it feels like to be bewildered.

This week I got someone new.  And I got a compliment. The new special ed. teacher said he liked what I did. He felt that he could be successful, and that starting off on lines and shapes was great for the kids.

I suppose I should have enough self-assurance to always feel as if I know what I’m doing is okay, but I am so, so pleased that he said all this, and in front of the kids. Hooray! I have learned something about teaching in the last 10 years! Thanks, special ed. teachers.


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  1. Ain’t we funny 🙂 I, too, was somehow surprised when students stepped forward for the chance to get “homework coupons,” and came down and talked about figuring out and understanding the math. (They can bump a zero or low grade on a homework to 100% if they come down and work with me for a spell, for up to 6 assignments in the semester). There’s just a part of me that doesn’t quite believe what my eyes and ears tell me — that if we really, actually *do* go back all the way to where they are and start building, they’ll give it a; whirl.

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