Monthly Archives: November 2013

Oh the shame.

Standard daughter moved back home ( yes she and her boyfriend have jobs, but in this economy…). She grew up in this house. She knows that every big bag of M&Ms, all the Skittles, every box of pink tissues, every load of spaghetti and tiny marshmallows, is going to school. Her boyfriend does not.

Last week he opened the giant bag of mini Snickers. Two days later, they were wondering where the giant bag went. And then Naomi found this, from somewhere in her memory.

Yep, that’s her life.  Sorry, kids.


Oops: it must have been a bad month.


I struggle with grades. First, I hate ‘grading.’ I just want kids to  have a go and learn something. If kids don’t want to learn, I want them to go and get a job or something. I don’t want them to sit and waste their lives doing things they hate. We only have a limited number of days, why would we use them up on something we find repugnant?

So now I have to try and reconcile my “grades” with “just try it.” Since I have observed that a D- is “passing” so that you can leave the rest behind, I will keep taking late work until January – thanks to spreadsheets I can keep track. I tried this last year, and students responded well. I’ll give it another go!